Slug of Atmosphere recently chatted with the team over at Pollstar. The interview covers Atmosphere's stage setup, business, and a gives y'all a unique look at what it's like to be Slug on stage. Check out a snippet below and head to Pollstar.com to read the rest.

POLLSTAR: The size of Atmosphereâ??s stage show has expanded and contracted over the years. Are you traveling as a three-piece because the group is supporting Slightly Stoopid, or is this the way itâ??s going to be for a while?

SLUG: Iâ??m not sure. [Throughout] the life of Atmosphere, Iâ??ve been through so many changes, the only variable that has stayed the same has been myself. Even Ant didnâ??t use to tour with me. Heâ??d stay home and make beats and I would rap to them and heâ??d make records. Then Iâ??d go out and tour with whomever I could hire to be my DJ or in some scenarios drummer, bass player, guitarist, whatever.
In â??05 Anthony quit his job and decided to go on the road with me. The only thing that held him back from touring was that he was afraid to quit his day job. When he started touring with me it modified what we had so that I was no longer the only variable that was constant. And it felt way more natural because here are the two guys who make the music in their basement and now theyâ??re on stage. I like to tell people, â??Hey, whomever me and him decide to bring with [us] is just part of the insecurity of how to present what weâ??ve been doing lately.â? Itâ??s like, whatever it is weâ??ve been working on lately; we got to figure out how to present it on the stage. Weâ??ve rolled around with a few live players for quite a few years and it felt like that was the important thing to do for a number of reasons.


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Kickin' Up Dust Tour Dates:

July 24, 2013 â?? Eugene, OR â?? Cuthbert Amphitheatre | Buy Tickets
July 25, 2013 â?? Boise, ID â?? Idaho Center Amphitheater | Buy Tickets
July 26, 2013 â?? Missoula, MT â?? Big Sky Brewery | Buy Tickets
July 27, 2013 â?? Salt Lake City, UT â?? The Great Salt Air | Buy Tickets
August 1, 2013 â?? Tulsa, OK â?? Cain's Ballroom | Buy Tickets
August 2, 2013 â?? Kansas City, MO â?? Crossroads | Buy Tickets
August 3, 2013 â?? Council Bluffs, IA â?? Stir Cove | Buy Tickets
August 4, 2013 â?? Des Moines, IA, Simon Estes Amphitheater | Buy Tickets
August 8, 2013 â?? Boston, MA â?? Bank of America Pavilion | Buy Tickets
August 9, 2013 â?? Asbury Park, NJ â?? Stone Pony Summerstage Lot | Buy Tickets
August 10, 2013 â?? Philadelphia, PA â?? Festival Pier @ Pennâ??s Landing | Buy Tickets
August 11, 2013 â?? Baltimore, MD â?? Pier Six Pavilion | Buy Tickets
August 14, 2013 â?? Richmond, VA â?? Pocahontas State Park | Buy Tickets
August 15, 2013 â?? Myrtle Beach, SC â?? House of Blues | Buy Tickets
August 16, 2013 â?? Raleigh, NC â?? Red Hat Amphitheater | Buy Tickets
August 17, 2013 â?? Charlotte, NC â?? Time Warner Cable Uptown Amphitheatre | Buy Tickets
August 21, 2013 â?? Atlanta, GA â?? The Tabernacle | Buy Tickets
August 22, 2013 â?? St. Augustine, FL â?? St. Augustine Amphitheatre | Buy Tickets
August 23, 2013 â?? Cocoa Beach, FL â?? Cocoa Riverfront Park | Buy Tickets
August 24, 2013 â?? Boca Raton, FL â?? Sunset Cove Amphitheater | Buy Tickets

Atmosphere will also play a show in Birmingham, AL on August 19th with Brother Ali, Get Cryphy, and more!

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