Rhymesayers + Super Hero = Hip Hop/Comic Book T-Shirts!

These will officially debut on Black Friday! PRE ORDER NOW!

The connection between Hip Hop and Comic Books is nothing new. They have long had a tangled history that was birthed from their similarities. For one, both were long considered youthful activities and if you stayed intrigued by either for too long you would be considered a nerd or immature, probably both. Iâ??m speaking from the experience chair here. However, true believers stayed the path and endured the ridicule. Though the mission was long and troubled the victory has been sweet. We are now in an age where Hip Hop is the most influential music in the world and suitable for all ages and the largest grossing and most popular movies are based on Comic Books. I may have dreamed and hoped, but I honestly never really expected either of those to be true.

Beyond that, Comic Books and Hip Hop acted as gateways to a different world. Some wanted to escape the thoughts of their poverty or various domestic issues. Some needed to block out the, sometimes overbearing, noise of the world. Some were simply bored with the reality present around them. Whatever the case, these two separate ideas and escapes merged in multiple cases resulting in some of the most inventive MCs through out Hip Hop history. Its no accident that many of those who are considered the most creative lyricists have referenced Comic Books in their music (some much heavier than others); Organized Konfusion, Hieroglyphics, Redman, Wu-Tang, Ultramagnetic MCs, Chuck D, Company Flow, Godfather Don, LL Cool J, Rubberoom, Murs, Edan, Micranots, Willie Evans, Jr, MF Doom, and the list goes onâ?¦

There are at least a handful of us who are Comic Book nerds at the Rhymesayers/Fifth Element offices (J Bird and Darien Iâ??m looking at you twoâ?¦X-Ray vision style). Iâ??m certainly the loudest advocate for Comic Shirts from my approximate three-year run of wearing Comic Book shirts nearly every day. Can anyone say fanatic? As you can imagine I was filled with quite the burst of excitement when these designs were sent around for approval. I was all over it. I was determined to be wearing these T Shirts! Available now for the acceptable nerd in all of us!

Get your Rhymesayers Comic Book Inspired shirts in the style of; Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, or Iron Man, with classic merging of Comic Book and Hip Hop styled block lettering.