Rhymesayers was officially founded in 1995 â?? hard to believe how swiftly the years have flown by. However, celebrating our Twenty Year mark isnâ??t just meant to be a show & tell exhibition, or a way to say, â??Look at what we did!â? While the anniversary is certainly a feat we are proud of, we also wanted to tell the story of the friendships that have evolved, and the long-standing relationships that have been maintained over that time.

For instance, one thing you may not know is that many of the key players who started the label had already been friends, and worked together previously, as part of an infamous Twin Cities collective called Headshots. Additionally, many of the Rhymesayers staff members, as well as staff of the record store, Fifth Element, have been part of the team for a decade or more. And through those many years of bonding, expansion and perseverance, our foundation has only grown stronger.

Simply put, 2015 is about celebrating these relationships and stories, as well as giving our fan-base an unprecedented look at the label, from the inside out. 2015 presents an opportunity to see how the path we've walked has laid the framework for the extraordinary journey ahead of us.