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Sa-Roc returns this Wednesday with an offering that perfectly showcases her versatility as an artist . On this newest release, the goddess MC mirrors the upbeat energy of the Sol Messiah produced track, effortlessly moving between her playful rap delivery and the smooth melodies accenting this creative tune. If "Lord of the Forest" is any indication of Sa-Roc's musical road ahead, we'd have to agree that the future's forming quite nicely indeed..

Directed By: Sol Messiah

Yo, this number 5, how should I begin?
Stay sword fighting all these ninjas with my mighty pen.
Destroy every 360 degrees I be in, have these despondent MCs pondering bout what might've been.
In spite of them, i made it out my 9 to 5 on bars alone.
Now I'm performing out in Brooklyn to Barcelona.
But they won't play me on the air without some auto tune, and frankly these mainstream rappers cheesy like a mascarpone.
If you can see what I see, baby.
The future's forming nicely, lately.
16 just might be my year, maybe.
I don't think that u should take it lightly, oh no!
Crown me now, forget the pomp and circumstances.
I don't need the accolades, just let the verses work their magic.
I'm a lavish kind of mademoiselle in silks and vintage fabrics.
Aye, the family keep a satchel full of Frantz Fanon and Faberge.
Never tangoed with a devil or a saint of latter day.
Keep my balance with the crystals in my attaché.
You might catch me lighting palo santo in the Prada shades.
With a goddess gang chanting Om shanti in the Palisades.
I'm the epitome of critically acclaimed art.
Got everybody chatting bout the rapper named Roc.
I show up with the face painted like I'm Braveheart.
Then bury all these Hollywood careers just like a graveyard.
God body with the pen game.
Got the 120 all inside your feed and twitter mentions.
If we ain't talking bout ascension, I ain't trying hear it, I'm just buying time til we can find the fifth dimension.
Oh lawd, she getting too deep.
She probably have em astral traveling in two weeks.
The vocal patterns is activating atoms and the bastards still don't want my rhyme collaborations to leak.
And truly she a connoisseur, cuz everytime she get hold to a track, she wrecks like Tyrannosaurus.
And only plant based stay on the fork so it's kinda odd Sa always out here going for necks like she carnivorous.
Too many young bucks and asses for my taste now they finally finna learn some kind of respect for the lord of the forest.
If you like where I'm headed then get them hands high.
She so fly, I'm gon have to co-sign.
They don't like my opinion cuz I'm so anti
But I'm still winning by a landslide, Oh no!!!

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