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Sa-Roc returns this week with the 7th edition of her lyrical domination called Wisdom Wednesdays. Fittingly enough the title of this cut is "Seven". With the seventh letter in the alphabet being G, Sa-Roc proves that she is truly The Goddess MC.

Directed By: Sol Messiah

These bars like sharp edged weapons that leave scars.
Sever through veins and arteries martyr these bleeding hearts.
Part of me skeptical at the thought of a clean start, cuz I grew up playing the dirty dozens in seedy parks.
And ironically now I get exceeding marks in wordplay.
And a new crop of gray hairs on every birthday.
Cuz I stay worried imma snap from the pressure.
Got unprecedented urges to murder mics in the worst way.
And first Sway heard the queen drop a 24, and then y'all finally understood what I was stunting for.
I'm a formidable behemoth for the record, get em shook and disappear from off the grid to become hunting lore.
Honey born from bittersweet beginnings; had to pay the cost.
Them sharks and crocodillos tried to make me prey-Lacoste.
But now I'm making waves with every verbal altercation, ain't nobody trying to get entangled in these famous Jaws.
A language connoisseur, got em savoring my soliloquies.
Mastering the art of every letter like calligraphy.
You can find me posted up wherever hiphop's illest be.
Showing off over the dopest of James Dilla's beats.
They want me to simmer down, think I'm too much Huey P.
But they attacking my opinions cuz the hue in me.
So imma black out on every verse I spit until anybody listening can speak Swahili fluently.
Humans think I'm so damn Gorge like the Olduvai.
Bone structure got em tryna recreate a mold of I.
It's too few originals left in the game that's why I'm trying to leave a long lasting impression on my vocal files.
The locals proud of their hometown hero.
Roc make them step up their bars like old man Ebro.
Bust a Hot97 on the air and have the whole place frozen at 30 below zero.

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