Step into the light with a quick retrospective mix of newest Rhymesayers signee Sa-Roc. "Step Into The Light" features 12 previously released Sa-Roc joints mixed by Sol Messiah, along with a world premiere of the Sa-Roc featured track, “We Got This” from Brother Ali’s upcoming "All The Beauty In This Whole Life" album dropping May 5th. So, get to know Sa-Roc before joining her, Brother Ali, Last Word & Sol Messiah live on The Own Light Tour starting May 2nd in a city near you.

TOUR TICKETS + INFO: bit.ly/TheOwnLightTour

Track Listing 1. WWII (Word War II) - Taken from "Metamorpheus" 
2. MetaMorpheus - Taken from "Metamorpheus" 
3. 7 Days and Nights - Taken from "Gift of the Magi"
4. Frankincense and Myrrh - Taken from "Gift of the Magi"
5. Lord of the Forest - Taken from "Metamorpheus"
6. Lyrical Manifesto - Taken from "NEBUCHADNEZZAR" 
7. Cthulhu's Revenge - Taken from "Metamorpheus" 
8. The Reckoning - Taken from "Metamorpheus" 
9. Eye of the Phoenix - Taken from "Metamorpheus" 
10. The Who- David Banner X Sa-Roc Remix - Taken from "Metamorpheus Mixtape"
11. 21 Swords - Taken from "Gift of the Magi"
12. Hood Supreme - Taken from "Gift of the Magi"
13. We Got This (feat. Sa Roc) - Taken from Brother Ali's "All The Beauty In This Whole Life”