Sean Daley, AKA Slug from the hip hop group Atmosphere, officially endorsed the Entenza/Robinson ticket. Citing the historic nature of the ticket and the critical juncture the state is at, Daley filmed and released a voter outreach video to help get out the vote for Entenza. Daley will also be helping to build support for Hip Hop Action Day, a voter outreach effort by Twin Cities hip hop artists to increase voter turnout.

In the coming weeks more local artist will be releasing similar videos, including Brother Ali, P.O.S., Heiruspecs, Peter Parker, Desdemona, Maria Isa & St. Paul Slim.

Matt Entenza's campaign for governor of Minnesota is about growing the economy, creating jobs all over Minnesota by focusing on the potential of clean energy, and refocusing on education as the engine of future job creation and economic competitiveness. Entenza was a white-collar crime prosecutor prior to representing St. Paul in the Minnesota legislature for 12 years, including four years during which he also served as House Minority Leader and led the DFL to significant gains. In 2007, Entenza founded Minnesota 2020, a think tank that has been an important voice for progressive policy positions and which he chaired until April 2009. Entenza is a graduate of Worthington High School in Worthington, Minn., Macalester College in St. Paul, and the University of Minnesota Law School.

More information is available at www.entenza.com. Follow Matt on Twitter: @Entenza4Gov

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