Today, Atmosphere releases The Day Before Halloween—a ten-track album steeped in vintage synths and built around a cinematic storyline every bit as ominous as the title suggests. Loosely conceptualized around the life of a visual artist living in an antiquated surveillance state, the album unfolds like an invitation from Slug and Ant to step into an alternate reality. The Day Before Halloween is menacing. It's murky. It's George Orwell meets Keith Haring at a video arcade on New Year's Day, 1985.

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Unlike any previous Atmosphere album, The Day Before Halloween is being released alongside a full-length film created in collaboration with acclaimed director Jason Goldwatch. Meticulously pieced together entirely from found footage, the film adds an extra dimension to the album. Following a protagonist who has stumbled upon a mysterious collection of video tapes, The Day Before Halloween (The Movie) plays out like a thriller as the central character fields ever more desperate calls from a friend to return the tapes as their true owner closes in. Subliminal images, hidden messages, and easter eggs are nestled among the one-song episodes of this instant Halloween classic.