Atmosphere, Evidence, and Blueprint are in Bangor, Maine today to rock the KahBang Festival!

Below are the set times and meet and greet times for each artist...

Atmosphere: 7:00pm on the You Stage
Evidence:6:15pm on the Everyone Else We Know Stage
Blueprint:4:00pm on the Everyone Else We Know Stage

Meet and Greets (At the Vitamin Water tent):
Atmosphere: 4:00pm
Evidence: 7:15pm
Blueprint: 4:45pm

Got questions? Head to KahBang's website for all the information.

Atmosphere: Facebook | Twitter | Myspace | Ping
Blueprint: Printmatic.net | Twitter | Facebook | Myspace | Ping
Evidence: Twitter | Facebook | Myspace | Ping
Rhymesayers: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Flickr | Myspace | Soundcloud