"Like many hip-hop artists, Toki Wright's interests aren't limited to music. But the Minneapolis rapper's extracurricular activities are far more ambitious than starting a T-shirt company or launching his own signature energy drink. Wright is a community-service worker for non-profits like Yo! The Movement, a writer who almost covered Rwandan hip-hop for The Source (Wright was so overcome by the experience, he found himself unable to complete his story), and a certified teacher who currently heads the nation's first accredited hip-hop diploma program at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. His understated style of rhyming is equally high-minded and bobs with a thirst for observation. Currently supporting the Rhymesayers release A Different Mirror, Wright stops by Emo's tonight as part of The Fresh Air Tour with Brother Ali. The A.V. Club caught up with him to discuss his long-time relationship with Ali, throwing concerts for kindergarteners, and how he won over Rhymesayers by sheer force of will."

Head over to the Onion AV Club for the full Q&A.

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