The Uncluded - Hokey Fright

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In 2007, while on tour supporting his album None Shall Pass, indie rapper/producer Aesop Rock wrote a fan email to folk singer/songwriter Kimya Dawson. A few years later they reconnected during the creation of arts-and-oddities blog 900Bats, which in turn sparked the pair's collaborative musical efforts. After appearing on each other's respective recent solo records, Aesop Rock- Skelethon and Kimya Dawson- Thunder Thighs, both found more worth pursuing within the group dynamic, and The Uncluded were hatched.

The debut album Hokey Fright was recorded over the course of a year using a variety of locations and devices, from voice memo recorders to fleshed out studios. Aesop and Kimya wrote, performed, and recorded the whole album, with the exception of the drums on "Delicate Cycle", which were played by James McNew of Yo La Tengo.


    1. Kryptonite
    2. Delicate Cycle
    3. TV on 10
    4. Earthquake
    5. Organs
    6. Superheroes
    7. Jambi Cafe
    8. Bats
    9. Scissorhands
    10. Eyeball Soup
    11. The Aquarium
    12. Teleprompters
    13. Alligator
    14. WYHUOM
    15. Boomerang
    16. Tits Up
    17. Oooooooooo*
    18. That Cat Has Worms (Blockhead Remix)*

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