Aesop Rock - Bazooka Tooth

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Originally released in 2003, Bazooka Tooth was the fourth studio album by Aesop Rock. His first full-length recording following the lauded Labor Days album, Bazooka Tooth debuted at #112 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and #44 on their Hip-Hop and R&B charts. On Bazooka Tooth, Aesop’s dizzying delivery and oscillating growl paired well with the production, delivering more apocalyptic angst and future-funk flavor than its predecessors. Buried within these sawtooth grooves, listeners have discovered a plethora of Aesop’s keen observations on the state of the industry, the state of the world and the state of humanity.

Vinyl packaging includes 12” matte gatefold jacket, black double vinyl, printed labels and dust sleeves. 

Track Listing:

  1. Bazooka Tooth
  2. N.Y. Electric/Hunter Interlude
  3. Easy
  4. No Jumper Cables
  5. Limelighters / Flunkadelic Interlude (feat. Camp Lo)
  6. Super Fluke
  7. Cook It UP (feat. Party Fun Action Committee)
  8. Freeze / Honeycomb Interlude
  9. We're Famous (feat. EL-P)
  10. Babies With Guns
  11. The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History
  12. Frijoles
  13. 11:35 / Ketamine U.S.A Interlude (feat. Mr. Lif)
  14. Kill The Messenger
  15. Mars Attacks