Atmosphere - So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously (Instrumentals) Digital

Artwork by Michael Alan Alien | | @michaelalanalien

The instrumental version of Atmosphere’sSo Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously. A departure from the brute intros of earlier works, the lead-off track “Okay” sounds like one of the most twinkling productions Ant has released. Yet, as gently as the album begins, there’s an unmistakable sense of unease that continues to evolve throughout the project. From the subtle panic at the heart of songs like “Sterling,” “Portrait” and “Thanxiety” to the overt angst of songs like “In My Head,” “September Fool’s Day” and “Sculpting With Fire,” the tension seems to cede and swell. Yet, just as the pressures build begin to well, they seem to find resolve again through songs like “Watercolors,” “Still Life,” and “Positive Space” which undercut the tensity of the album. The rhythms on So Many Other Realities are some of the most inventive of Ant’s career.

Downloads must be done on a computer available in wav/flac/mp3 and more.


  1. Okay (Instrumental)
  2. Eventide (Instrumental)
  3. Sterling (Instrumental)
  4. Dotted Lines (Instrumental)
  5. In My Head (Instrumental)
  6. Crop Circles (Instrumental)
  7. Portrait (Instrumental)
  8. It Happened Last Morning (Instrumental)
  9. Thanxiety (Instrumental)
  10. September Fools’ Day (Instrumental)
  11. Talk Talk (Instrumental)
  12. Watercolors (Instrumental)
  13. Holding My Breath (Instrumental)
  14. Still Life (Instrumental)
  15. After Tears (Instrumental)
  16. Positive Space (Instrumental)
  17. Bigger Pictures (Instrumental)
  18. Truth & Nail (Instrumental)
  19. Sculpting With Fire (Instrumental)
  20. Alright (Okay Reprise) (Instrumental)