Atmosphere - The Day Before Halloween (Instrumentals) Digital

Atmosphere's 2020 album, The Day Before Halloween, was a detour from their typical sound. Originally intended as bumpers for a sci-fi/thriller, Ant delivered anti-standard contrasts to his previous work. Once it was clear the TV show wouldn't get off the ground, he fleshed the initial bumpers out into full compositions for Slug to write to. With razor-sharp drums and distorted synths, The Day Before Halloween Instrumentals is menacing… murky. It's George Orwell's 1984 meets John Carpenter's Halloween, over drums to make your speakers bleed.

Cover Art by Shelly Mosman.

Downloads must be done on a computer.


  1. Where the Road Forks (Instrumental)
  2. Space Is Safe (Instrumental)
  3. She Loves My Not (Instrumental)
  4. The New People (Instrumental)
  5. The Future Is Disgusting (Instrumental)
  6. DoubleTown (Instrumental)
  7. Stardust (Instrumental)
  8. Blotter Acid Reflux Syndrome (Instrumental)
  9. Party Crashers (Instrumental)
  10. Sleep Apnea (Instrumental)