Face Candy - This Is Where We Were

Face Candy is the brain child of E&A frontman, Eyedea. It is an improvisation based quartet melding free-jazz and freestyle rap into an unchartered amalgamation of the two, with roots in jazz, rap, comedy and theater. The line up includes local legends, J.T. bates, Casey O'brien, Eyedea and new found local favorite Kristoff Krane.


  1. Witness Intimidation
  2. Pill
  3. Life Jacket
  4. Infant
  5. Feeling Spayed
  6. Art of Faking Orgasm
  7. Buzz Kill
  8. Adult Toys
  9. Scream Therapy
  10. Braille
  11. Gun Powder
  12. Disappearing
  13. Pillow Bite