Ant "Melodies and Memories 85-89" MP3

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In 1998, Ant released his iconic Melodies & Memories 79-85 mixtape, and then followed in 2005 with Melodies & Memories 85-89.

Ant employs his skills as a producer and a DJ, as well as his vast knowledge of Hip Hop, to craft an exciting non-stop ensemble of mid to late 80s Hip Hop, scientifically broken down into bits and pieces and reassembled at will.

As the man put it himself, "This recording was done on a 4-track with an Asr-10, an effects processor, and my motherfuckin' flash former... what! Inspired by mixtapes and records from: DST, Latin Rascals, Dr. Dre, N.Y. Scratch Masters, Double Dee and Steinski." - Ant