Oliver Hart "The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart"

Coming off the success of his debut album First Born with partner Dj Abilities, Eyedea is back with a completely self produced, engineered, mixed and written full length album under his pen name Oliver Hart. 19 Tracks with guest appearances from Carnage of The Sweeps and Slug of Atmosphere.

Track Listing:

  1. The Many Faces of Oliver Hart
  2. Weird Side
  3. Song About A Song
  4. How Much Do You Pay?
  5. On A Clear Day
  6. Walking
  7. Step By Step
  8. Prelude To Coaches
  9. Coaches featuring Carnage
  10. Bottle Dreams
  11. Soundtrack Of A Romance
  12. Infared Roses
  13. Just A Reminder
  14. My Day At The Brain Factory
  15. Ode To The Wall
  16. Here For You
  17. Motormouth's Anonymous
  18. Forget Me featuring Slug
  19. How Eye One The Write Too Think