Micranots - Obelisk Movements

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“Obelisk Movements” is a high point in The Micranots career and a defining moment for I Self Devine. It’s that critical point where he and Kool Akiem channel the skill sets of their storied past and fine tune the rough edges to secure their place in the future, but without sacrificing the raw essence. They are focused, improved, and purposeful, all while exercising more verbal precision, rather than scattered freestyled verses. I Self Devine keeps his verbal ingenuity in tact, but instead of zoning out for extended periods, he better confines it to easier digestible song structures. Kool Akiem’s productions sounds as if he’s finally been given access to the tools he needed to flesh out his unique sound, which he has only been able to touch on before. This enables him to flaunt his growing knack for crafting tracks that sound like anthems, adding to the intensity. Essentially, if the previous projects could be characterized as massive boulders rushing down a mountainside, then “Obelisk Movements” is a massive sized wrecking ball made of adamantium…more practical, completely in their control, and ultimately capable of more damage. It’s unclear if it was just their natural growth or if it was inspired from the satisfaction and rush of getting a record deal and increased accolades from their peers, but assumingly, both factors played a part. Regardless, you get the feeling that they knew they were in a position to make a bigger impact with their first national record deal with Subverse Records, and the release of the new highly revered album, Obelisk Movements.

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Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Pitch Black Ark
  3. Preparations
  4. Culture
  5. Balance feat. Budah Tye
  6. Monuments
  7. Analyze
  8. Illegal Busyness
  9. Queen Supreme
  10. Critical
  11. Visualistic feat. Marq Spekt & Stahhr
  12. M.O.V.E.
  13. Mother's Day
  14. Good Heavens
  15. The Willie Lynch feat. Ekundayo, Luz, Maat Ra & Brane Saber
  16. Iconoclastic
  17. Sun Salutations
  18. Exodus