Aesop Rock x Blockhead - Garbology (Instrumentals)

Bundle with Recycling Bin & other official Garbology merch and music!

Following the success of Aesop Rock x Blockhead's Garbology album, it’s only right to offer the instrumentals for further examination and repurposing efforts. Dive into the Garbology Instrumentals and see what you find.

Vinyl packaging includes a 12” spot gloss jacket, 3-color (yellow, green & black) color-in-color effect double vinyl and dust sleeves.


  1. The Only Picture (Instrumental)
  2. Jazz Hands (Instrumental)
  3. Wolf Piss (Instrumental)
  4. Legerdemain (Instrumental)
  5. Difficult (Instrumental)
  6. All the Smartest People (Instrumental)
  7. Oh Fudge (Instrumental)
  8. More Cycles (Instrumental)
  9. Flamingo Pink (Instrumental)
  10. All Day Breakfast (Instrumental)
  11. Fizz (Instrumental)
  12. That is Not a Wizard (Instrumental)
  13. The Sea (Instrumental)
  14. Abandoned Malls (Instrumental)