Sa-Roc - I Am Her (Digital)

When writing "I am Her", I intended for it to be an anthem of sorts. For women like me, worlds away from me, or somewhere in the middle, who have ever felt afraid of being too bold, outspoken, or opinionated. Women who have ever softened their tone, minced their words, or adapted appearances to become more palatable for the dominant culture. I wrote it to champion empowerment and equality. I wrote this for us. As a woman within the hiphop genre, my journey has often been hindered by expectations to speak to or play out a narrative constructed by male opinion. Through my experience, I have had to learn how to find my voice and firmly assert my own definition of womanhood through music. I want the same for my sisters. In whatever capacity they choose. For future generations of young women who may not be familiar with Maya Angelou, but hear notes of her courage through my melodies. For women who feel the spirit of resistance from the Gulabi gang to NOW. I wrote this for a new future, one of women and girls who boldly take up space, reimagine possibilities, and claim what they deserve. I AM HER.