Felt 2


Seven years since it’s inception, there has been much debate on how FELT came to be, but the end result is a playful banter between two seasoned MC’s coming together to have lyrical exchanges about life, love and women. In 2002 with production from The Grouch (Living Legends), Slug and Murs set their sights on an all grown up Wednesday Addams and created Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci. With a friendly debate about which of them would have a better chance at sleeping with her and a determination to pay homage and save the careers of beloved B-list actresses of the silver screen, the phenomenon of Felt was born.

Reuniting in 2005 the fellas turned toward Slug’s Atmosphere cohort and producer Ant to lay down the sonic bed for their follow up dedication to Cosby cutie, Lisa Bonet. Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet proved that Slug and Murs had only begun to put forth the thoughts and ideas of this dynamic duo.

Slug and Murs never set out to make Felt an ongoing project but since the release of Felt 2 there has been one question fans have been asking”¦“when is Felt 3 coming?” Never ones to disappoint their fans Slug and Murs set out to craft a new masterpiece, but who would produce it and better yet what B-list actress would be worthy of such a prestigious dedication and the coveted Felt career bump.

After spending some time contemplating a variety of talented producers, Slug and Murs knew they wanted to surprise people with their choice by selecting someone unexpected that would force them to work outside their comfort zone and create something that they normally wouldn’t with their own respective solo projects. The answer was right under their nose the entire time in longtime friend and peer, Aesop Rock. More widely known for his talents as an MC, Aesop having produced a good portion of his own catalog and for other artists such as Murs, Cage, and C-Rayz Walz has long been one of indie Hip Hop’s most underrated producers. With his dense, dark, and at times paranoid production style, Aesop has fashioned a musical backdrop that is unique and edgy while seamlessly blending with the styles of Slug and Murs.

With Aesop Rock aboard and DJ Big Wiz along for the ride to handle all the scratching the only thing left was to establish who the lucky girl would be. Gone are the former child stars for now and enters one badass proud Puerto Rican mami from Brooklyn. Whether it was her unforgettable roles as Tina (Do The Right Thing) or Gloria Clemente (White Men Can’t Jump), the choice was easy for Slug and Murs so without further ado, we present: Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez.

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