Felt - Felt 4 U (Instrumentals) Digital

In many ways, Felt 4 U picks up where the second volume of the Felt series left off. With Ant back in the producer’s seat, he crafts a musical backdrop that captures the sound and feel of both LA and Minneapolis, finding a perfect balance of the two.

Downloads must be done on a computer available in wav/flac/mp3 and more.


  1. Never’s Enough (Instrumental)
  2. Find My Way (Instrumental)
  3. Don’t Do Me Like That (Instrumental)
  4. Trees (Instrumental)
  5. Through The Night (Instrumental)
  6. Freeze Tag (Instrumental)
  7. Sticks & Stones (Instrumental)
  8. Underwater (Instrumental)
  9. Alexander F’real (Instrumental)
  10. Hologram (Instrumental)
  11. Crimson Skies (Instrumental)
  12. Borboleta (Instrumental)