Editorial: Off The Court Antics (Written By Scott Kebo)




About one year ago when a very outspoken individual that goes by the name of Kanye West made his infamous interruption at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards I was verbally stoned alive and had my gory disfigured corpse nailed to a cross for a FaceBook status that empathized with the troubled Chi-town native.  By no means was I necessarily justifying his actions, but only attempting to lower him off the Mount Olympus pedestal we place him on creating a David Copperfield-esque illusion that he is exempt from or should know better than to make a Joe Shmo "dick move."  

Our society is built on the foundation of instant gratification and the blink of an eye face value acceptance of what happens around us.  There are many sides to take of this situation.  You could admire Kanye's courage for standing up for what he believes in and acting on it at the expense of ruining someone else's moment/hurting them. Or you can take the less cold hearted stance and sympathize with the victim creating America's favorite past time drama scene that distinguishes the innocent from the evil; ultimately creating a villain that we love to root against.  The eye for an eye mentality we live by only produces more negativity and retaliation.  Those without love probably need it the most instead of embracing and trying to understand each other we end up pushing people away.  (Trust me I know, I have contributed and been afflicted by this theory myself.)      

The fact that remains at the end of the day is that we're all people cut from the same cloth.  We fuck up and hurt others intentionally and unintentionally.  Character and the skill/talent you possess are two entirely different things and should be treated as such.  Just because you are great at doing something doesn't justify you to be arrogant, which is sort of on the lines of how you should still be treated the same as the CEO or the janitor that cleans the building.  Ideally your status among society should have nothing to do with how you're treated, but realistically we are far from a Utopian society and this is not the case the majority of the time.  Times are not the greatest as of right now in the world, but if you live in bubble of imagination like myself you'll be fine.  To sum everything up....     

It is important to separate off the court antics from the music and learn to enjoy the artist not as a person, but for his/her creations.   

Written By Scott Kebo

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