Fifth Element Record Store Day 4.21.12: Rhymesayers 10" Picture Disc Hands-On Video + Full Day Details!!





This year independent hip hop and independent retail join forces asRhymesayers brings an exclusive double a sided 10" picture disc to a participatingRecord Store Daystore near you. The limited run of 2000 hand-numbered pieces is perfect for any collector and music lover. Included in each 10" is a digital download card to satisfy any audiophile's needs as well as a free bonus sticker. The 10" features brand new, exclusive and unreleased tracks from Atmosphere called "Someday Soon" andThe Uncluded (Aesop Rock / Kimya Dawson) titled "Bats".

Atmosphere's "Someday Soon" is about recognizing mortality, and viewing it as a glimpse of optimism in a world of pessimism. Atmosphere is continuing their successful year following the release of their latest albumThe Family Sign. They’ve sold out their American and European tours, had performances at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo as well as two sold out headlining appearances at Red Rocks including the first ever Winter On The Rocks event. The group returned home to their second annual Welcome To Minnesota Tour playing in front of over 10,000 local fans in six cities across the state. This May they head back to Australia and New Zealand to rock their fans in the Antipodes just before headlining their 2012 Soundset Festival on May 27th. "Someday Soon" is simply another great track for fans to accompany Atmosphere's amazing year.

The Uncluded is rapper/producerAesop Rock and folksinger/songwriterKimya Dawson (ex-Moldy Peach). The group formed in 2011 during the making of Dawson's LPThunder Thighs, that Aesop was contributing some vocals and beats to. A mutual love for lyricism along with some unexpected life parallels were the foundation that led the duo to record their first LPHokey Fright, due out later this year.

"Bats" is the first track The Uncluded wrote as a group and pays tribute to Mikey "Eyedea" Larsen, former Moldy Peaches member Aaron Wilkinson & Tero "Camu Tao" Smith, all friends the pair had recently lost. On their journey to Austin via Minneapolis to pay respects to their friends Eyedea and Aaron, the song began to unfold and became their way of talking and coping with that loss. "Bats" became the string that sewed the entire journey together.

The 10" also features a special 3rd side or hidden inner groove track which features "A Poop Story told by Slug" that coincides with the picture disc art designed by famed artist Jeremy Fish. The design for the 10” originated and is derived from Jeremy Fish’s celebrated “Listen And Learn” exhibition where he had a variety of friends recount interesting, often outlandish, stories and then created artwork to bring those moments to life with his own unique artistic style and character. Among those artists featured in “Listen And Learn” were Snoop Dogg, DJ Big Wiz, Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols, Mike Giant and of course, Slug, whose story is featured on this 10”.

Remember that all Record Store Day Exclusive Releases are specifically available in participating Record Store Day 2012 Indie Retailers, such as Fifth Element, and not available immediately online. If you aren’t in the Twin Cities, check with your local retail store to see if they will be carrying this special limited edition Rhymesayers collectable!! 


Includes these sweet visual treats to choose from!!

Grieves "Together/Apart" 11x17
POS "Ipecac Neat" 11x17
Atmosphere "Paint The Nation Tour" 11x17
Atmosphere "You Can't Imagine" 11x17
Atmosphere "Everybody Loves A Clown" 11x17
Face Candy "Waste Age Teen Land" 11x17
Vox Vermillion "Standing Still You Move Forward" 11x17
Brother Ali "Us" 11x17
Brother Ali "Undisputed" 11x17
Jake One "White Van" 11x17
Atmosphere "Headshots: Seven" 12x12
Musab "Respect the Life" 11x17
Atmosphere "The Family Sign" 11x17
Mac Lethal "11:11" 11x17
Boom Bap Project "Reprogram" 11x17
BK-One "Radio Do Canibal"/Toki Wright "A Different Mirror" 11x17
Soul Position "Things Go Better With RJ & Al" 11x17
Soundset 2010 11x17
Psalm One "The Death of Frequent Flyer" 11x17
I Self Devine "Self Destruction" 11x17
Freeway & Jake One "The Stimulus Package" 11x17
Blueprint "Adventures in Counter-Culture" 11x17
Grayskul "Bloody Radio" 11x17
MF Doom "MM..Food" 11x17
Soundset 2009 11x17
POS "Audition" 11x17
Felt "Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez" 11x17
Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly/When Life Gives You Lemons" 11x17
Atmosphere "To All My Friends" 11x17
Hail Mary Mallon "Are You Eat That?" 11x17
M.I.C. "Monsta Island Czars" 18x24
Micranots "The Emperor & the Assassin" 13x19
Mr. Dibbs "30th Song" 18x24
Brother Ali "Shadows on the Sun" 18x24
Felt "Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet" 12x24
Atmosphere "Headshots: Seven" 9x24


Fifth Element, in a special partnership with Noiseland Industries, has released three limited edition exclusive CDs so far, with a lot more to come!! The goal with these releases is to give our customers a opportunity to get their hands on great music on a limited edition CD and at a great price of only $4.99!!

As if that wasn't a great enough deal already, exclusively on Record Store Day you can get all three of our previously released CDs for only $10!! Yep, basically buy two get one free is the situation...

Here's what you get for your 10 Bucks:

Midwest Konnect-The Trailer:

Qwazaar & Batsauce-Style Be The King:

Grip Grand & MF Shalem:


We have some special performances and DJ sets planned for Saturday. Here's the tentative schedule!

12:30: DJ Fundo

1:30: MaLLy

2:00: Auddio Draggon

3:00: Lazerbeak & Plain Ole Bill "Lava Bangers" Set

3:30: DJ Plain Ole Bill

5:00: DJ Last Word

5:30: Jimmy TwoTimes


-Receive a FREE copy of "American Buffalo" Vinyl with a purchase over $75 (In-Store Only) [Limited To 20 Copies!!]

-"American Buffalo" Official Press Release:

On April 21, 2012 Minneapolis-based Noiseland Industries will help Minnesota record stores celebrate Record Store Day with the release of, “American Buffalo”, a vinyl LP featuring artists for whom the company manufactured vinyl records. The record will be available free of charge to people who make qualifying purchases on Record Store Day at participating Minnesota independent record stores.

The record’s line-up includes material from:

Trampled by Turtles
The Blind Shake
Pert Near Sandstone
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles
Dead Man Winter
Charlie Parr
Halloween, Alaska
Albert Elmore
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps
El Le Faunt

The resurgence of vinyl records – a technology that is fundamentally unchanged since invented by Thomas Edison over a century ago – is nothing short of a miracle. Pushed to the brink of extinction by CDs and digital downloads, the format has been experiencing year over year growth since 2005, with a staggering 40% increase in sales in 2011. According to Neilsen Soundscan, it is the only physical music format showing growth.
Since 2011, Noiseland Industries has been the North American Sales Agent for Averton, France-based MPO, one of the largest vinyl record manufacturers in the world.
Since 1994, Noiseland Industries has provided independent musicians and record labels music packaging services, including compact disc manufacturing, digital download cards and now, vinyl record manufacturing.  In February 2012, the company manufactured a new live CD / DVD for Dolly Parton, produced a download card for the AMC hit series, Mad Men and manufactured vinyl LPs for Joss Stone, Martin Zellar and
Trampled by Turtles.

To learn more about Noiseland Industries’ vinyl LP manufacturing, the company’s Record Store Day project or about Noiseland Industries in general, please contact Andrew Volna at 612-746-1774 or at


Both of these Fifth Exclusive Shirts are available on Record Store Day or you can Pre Order Now and they are Shipping This Week! Represent MN wherever you are!!

Plus, when you order this shirt online you instantly get a free digital mix of MN Hip Hop from J Love The Soundsmith!!



One of the favorites of the good peoples who shop at Fifth Element is back in effect for one day only! Stock up on missed, lost, stolen, or needed gifts of choice RSE CDS! 

Here's the full list:

Brother Ali US 
Brother Ali Truth EP 
Brother Ali Champion 
BK One Radio Do Canibal 
Jake One White Van Music 
Felt 3 Rosie Perez
Felt 2 Lisa Bonet 
E&A By The Throat 
E&A First Born 
K Salaam Real DJs
I Self Self Destruction
Atmosphere Lemons Standard 
Atmosphere Sad Clown 12 
Facecandy This Is Where 
Facecandy Waste Age 
Psalm One Frequent Flyer 
Soul Position RJ & AL 
P.O.S Audition 
P.O.S Never Better 
P.O.S Ipecac Neat 
Soul Position 8 Million INST 
Soul Position Unlimited 
Abstract Rude Rejuvenation 
Freeway Stimulus Package
Boom Bap Project Reprogram 
Grayskul Bloody Radio 
Grayskul Deadlivers 
Mac Lethal 11:11
Vox Vermillion
Blueprint 1988


Record Store Day is sneaking up! It all goes down next Saturday and we have all sorts of treat planned for you; The Rhymesayers Limited Edition 10" Picture Disc, Exclusives, New Items, Rarities, Giveaways, Record Store Day Specialty Item, Performances, and of course, DJS!!!

For Record Store Day 2012 I wanted to do something cool with DJs and Vinyl. We asked Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy TwoTimes, Last Word, & Fundo McGee (who you may collectively recognize as theGet Cryphy DJs!) to come down to FE on RSD and spin records directly out of our store!! Yep, they are going to dig thru our deep crates of used vinyl and use that as their only source of musical selections. If you like what you hear, you can buy it right off the platter!!

Records range from cheap $1 records to some more high-end rarities, but all a whole bunch of awesomeness! Including a bunch of records that have never been available for sale until this magical day, 4.21.12!! Come support local DJs, local retail, and vintage vinyl recordings...

Oh yeah, the featured song in this video is a teaser snippet of DJ Primecut featuring Masai Bey & Open Mike Eagle!! It is on the Fifth Element Exclusive CD; Last Of The Record Buyers "Collaboration's The Key" Compilation coming out in May 2012 with an amazing line-up of producers, MCs, and DJs!! Stay tuned for more info!!

Click this link to Get your Cryphy on!!


 PRE ORDER AUDDIO DRAGGON "MAGNATE" NOW for just $4.99!!! The lastest Fifth Element Exclusive Limited Edition CD!!!

The official release date for "Magnate" is 4.21.12 on Record Store Day! Auddio Draggon will do a special in-store performance that day to celebrate the release!

Also, be sure to catch Auddio Draggon performing live on the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset2012! 

Auddio Draggon is the result of the combined efforts of two Headshot original members and Twin City veterans;Xilam Balam (Los Nativos) andMr. Gene Poole (Phull Surkle/D.A.P.O).

The musical foundation for their “Magnate” album is excellently handcrafted byXilam Balam. He does a near-perfect job of incorporating bits and pieces of soundscapes familiar to bothMr. Gene Poole and himself, but succeeds in tweaking them just enough to create a personalized sound, unique to theAuddio Draggon experience. Quite honestly, I have long consideredXilam Balam as one of the most overlooked producers in the Twin Cities. He effectively blends his understanding of beautiful musicality with his roots in B-Boy assertiveness. For “Magnate” he also taps into something a bit darker and more moody than his previous work, resulting in a new sound, which he once accurately described as “Gangster Horror”.

Almost immediately it becomes evident that both MCs, even after a couple decades in the game, are comfortable in challenging their vocal tones and ranges. They both effortless switch their deliveries from pure hardcore to melodic to sinister and back again. Regardless of the chosen approach per track, sentiments of passion, confidence, and certainty remain.

“Magnate” touches on a range of topics and emotions. The album journey begins with “Bustdown World” and properly sets the tone in terms of musical mood and lyrical contrast.Xilam Balam leaves verbal impressions in your memory with powerful one-liners, such as the opening of the first verse, “Humans are the cancer of the earth now ain’t it/shoot it, you’ll hit a tumor, no matter where you aim it.” Meanwhile,Mr. Gene Poole strings together descriptive imagery that is near picture-perfect, “As terrible as it may seem/There’s a lot of folks like you who ain’t getting their cream/And those who are, ain’t living their dream/They wake up every moment in a different air stream/But the tarmac’s got too many cracks/ If the landing gear don’t snap, the tubes will collapse/You really hope that dude was relaxed/When he lubed up the flaps and pumped fuel to the max/Every time the fuselage is a trap/If that engine gets an object lodged in the gap/You can forget all or your maps, all of your apps, personal tax and professional contacts…”

PerhapsGene Poole best reveals his storytelling ability and knack for graphic imagery on “Devil Came To MN”, where he exchanges wits and battles verses with the Devil himself. The Devil’s unexpected loss finds him in a predicament where he’s improperly prepared for the Twin Cities winter season…

“Dock Jumper” gives a glimpse of howMr. Gene Poole would sound backed by an aggressive rock band. His flow is immaculate and his approach is explosive, “I’m just like American money/You can take me out at any party, everybody loves me/The only difference is I ain’t made of paper/Just some calcium deposits, enamel, and some vapor…”

“Reign Of Fire” acts as the defining warning for theAuddio Draggon emergence.Mr. Gene Poole articulates the transformation, “We’ve been making records since ‘96/Native Ones, Dynospectrum, grind your bricks/Put it in the air, like them wings that flap/Don’t even care, as long as I got things to trap/I fell into a dormant phase, highly evolved/Returned to my domain 90 feet tall!” OnXilam Balam’s second verse he drops a series of his trademark ingraining quotes, “So what if it hurts you and bleeds/What’s it worth if your mind gets freed?” and “Spirit pure and lose hope with ease/There ain’t nobody that can cure my disease/Brain built like a diamond-back rattle/I’m in too deep and your mind’s too shallow.”

“Storm Front” has all the makings of a theme song, with its cinematic melody and heavy snare that sounds like it’s about to explode out of beats frame-work. On the hook,Gene Poole’s light singing sounds despairing, whileBalam let’s his voice go deep, in the background, to maintain the track’s intensity.


Both members ofAuddio Draggon are also submerged in Car Culture, as isBalam’sLos Nativos collaborater,Felipe Cuauhtli. All three team up on “Rebel Outlaw” for a slow-riding soundtrack for late night rides thru the city streets, the bass foreshadowing your arrival a few blocks ahead.

“Fondu 2” showcasesMr. Gene Poole’s best use of his voice as an instrument. His verses contrast from urgently relaxed rapping to hauntingly melodic harmonies. A similar vibe is captured on “Wrong Turn”, with Xilam Balam outlining an experience with a shady cop, supported byGene Poole on the hook.

After ten solid tracks, “Magnate” still finds itself reaching new heights with three of the album highlights closing the album out; “Candor And Commaradery”, whereGene Poole begins, “I’m like 99 percent psychotic/the rest of my mind is alien by-product…”and later declares, “Our live sets are like God when he riots.” That is followed by “Reputation”, which has all the makings of a great single choice with its driving rhythm and hypnotic chorus.

With each new listen, “The Garden Of Heathens” slowly becomes an album favorite. It is probably the best overall example of the Auddio Draggon essence. The beat, with its studdering snares, is entrancing. The lyrics are grim and the chorus contains the best use of their voices in unison.

The word “Magnate” refers to power, influence, and rank, all which are terms that accurate reflect the accolades held by these two Twin Cities vets who are showing no signs of being ready give up their respective positions.

If you missed it, here's an interview we did withAuddio Draggon when they were first starting to put this album together. It details their history in the Twin Cities scene, theHeadshots days, and up to the developing of theAuddio Draggon concept!

Written By Kevin Beacham


STORE HOURS FOR RECORD STORE DAY: 9 AM until 7 PM!!!! Early Bird gets the goodies!


-Lazerbeak featuring Plain Ole Bill "Lava Bangers" Performance!!
-MaLLy "The Last Of The Great" Performance + Pre Order Launch!!
-Auddio Draggons (Mr Gene Poole + Xilam Balam) "Magnate" Exclusive CD Release Performance!!
-Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy TwoTimes, DJ Fundo, and Last Word: The four gentlemen who rock any party with their Get Cryphy brand will come toFifth Element for a special challenge. Not only will they spin only vinyl, but they can only spin vinyl that we have in our store!!! They'll dig thru our racks and used vinyl boxes to devise special-one time only sets for Record Store Day!!!


-Rhymesayers Limited Edition Hand-Numbered 3-Sided 10" Picture Disc featuring Atmsophere   and The Uncluded (Aesop Rock + Kimya Dawson)

-Various Record Store Day Limited Edition/Exclusive Items: Many labels, artists,
and distributors come up with special items specifically for this day. They are generally in very
limited supply and it's hard for us to tell exactly what or how many we will get of them, so as we
get confirmations we will updated you!!

-FE Exclusive CD: On RSD 2012 we will unleash our latest limited edition FE Exclusive CD. This time it is Twin Cities veterans and originalHeadshots/Rhymesayers crew memebers, Xilam Balam (Los Nativos) and MR Gene Poole (D.A.P.O, Phull Surkle) and their joint project, Auddio Draggons "Magnate"!!

-Giveaways All Day: Every hour we will be giving some awesome gifts. All you have to do is make a purchase and you can enter into our magic ballot box for a chance to win a variety of special treats; Soundset Tickets, Autographed Rhymesayers Baseball Jerseys, Rare Rhymesayers 2011 RSD Picture Disc, Limited Edition Rhymesayers, Poster + T Shirt Print Bundles (Crest and  Rorschach Designs), and more to be announced soon!!!!

-New Exclusive FE/Nice City T Shirts: Brand new Nice City colored T's, Exclusive FE Record Store Day Shirt, and a special FE shirt inspired by our family on Twitter during our last few big sale days! Take a sneak peak below...


-FE Exclusive CD Bundle 3 for $10 Sale: Get all 3 of our previous FE Exclusive CDs for just $10!!! Includes; Midwest Konnect "The Trailer",Qwazaar & Batsauce "Style Be The King" EP, and Grip Grand & MF Shalem "Rewinder"!

-Rhymesayers 5 for $10 Mix And Match CDS: This popular classic is back!! Look for an announcement soon on the included titles this time around!!

-Rhymesayers 5 for $5 Mix And Match Posters: Back again! Poster listing coming soon!

-Discount Vinyl: There will be a nice selection of heavily discounted vinyl, 35%+ OFF!!!

-15% Off all 7" Vinyl Sale: It's Record Store Day for goodness sake, buy some cool 7" vinyl for you and/or your loved ones!!

That's the teaser for what is going down at Fifth Element for Record Store Day, check back and we'll be leaking more info and details about all of this stuff over the next week!!! Let the countdown resume...

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