Access All Areas is back, bringing a special interview with producer and long-time Aesop Rock collaborator Blockhead, digging into the creation of the Daylight EP, his evolving production style, and what he's up to next. 
RSE: “Daylight” is a key collaboration between you and AES, can you talk about what you remember about that one coming together, and then how that led to the idea to create the follow up, “Nightlight”? 
Blockhead:"Daylight" was one of the bigger surprises for me, in terms of beats Aesop had picked. I recall assuming he was gonna think it’s corny (cause it felt that way at the time for me) but I guess something grabbed him and inspired him to write what he did. I think the song was off to a great start but, when we added the “yes yess y’all” part to it, we both looked at each other like “yeah, this is either gonna be a big song for us or we are gonna get clowned” luckily, it was the former .
As for "Nightlight," Aes had the idea to flip the original on its head and I just happened to have made a beat that fit perfect with the concept. "Daylight" was such a feel good song for us, it was only right to make a more cynical version to keep the balance.
RSE: How do you feel your production style has evolved since this release? Do you ever reference any creations you made around this period for inspiration? 
Blockhead: I’d say my production style has changed pretty drastically since that era. I was still figuring myself out at the time and was also using different equipment. This was pre-Ableton, so I was only using the ASR-10, which are like two totally different animals. What has stayed the same is my foundation of always wanting to layer things and keep the tracks multidimensional . 
I can’t say I really look backwards when it comes to the stuff I make currently. I’m very much a person who, when I'm done with something, it’s behind me and I don't look back. 
RSE: If you had to pick a favorite track from the Daylight EP, what would it be? 
Blockhead: "Alchemy" was and always will be my shit. Blueprint kills it on both sides and I just love the entire vibe of that song.
On a personal achievement level though, "Forest Crunk" is big for me cause it was the first instrumental track I ever made and pretty much opened doors for my solo career.
RSE: We’ve been bumping your latest full length LP The Aux as well as your recent single “SCUMLORD”; can you tell us about any other new projects you have cooking? Where can fans listen to these releases? 
Blockhead: "SCUMLORD" is the first single of a project I’m doing with Def Presser’s Records called Luminous Rubble which is ten tracks I’ve made using entirely samples found in the KPM music library. The full length drops May 3rd. Other than that, I have another full length instrumental album almost done and hopefully ready to drop by August/September. 
Blockhead's new LP, The Aux is out now via Backwoodz Studioz. Aesop Rock is featured on tracks "Mississippi" and "Ponzu Sauce."
Stream Blockhead's new instrumental single "SCUMLORD" on all platforms. Follow him on Instagram @Blockheadnyc
Rhymesayers' pressing of Aesop Rock's Daylight EP is available now!