We're back in the spot with another edition of Access All Areas. March 19th will mark the 3rd anniversary of Aesop Rock's track about the valiant frog (Superhero?)"Long Legged Larry."
In celebration, we connected with the man behind the release's artwork, the San Francisco-based artist, Jeremy Fish, who's sheds light on the special connection that led to a whole list of collabs between the two. 
RSE: You and Aes have a long history of collaborations that include album art, poster design, sneakers and more. How did you initially link up?
Jeremy Fish: The projects we have worked on together are some of the things I am most proud of in my career. We met when he moved to San Francisco in the mid 2000s because I was his biggest fan. They say never meet your heroes, and in this case I will argue. One of my all time idols, heroes, and inspirations became one of my best friends, and I think you can feel it in the art we have created together. I think he is one of the greatest artists of all time.
RSE: What inspired your vision for the Long Legged Larry character?
Jeremy Fish: Honestly, somewhere between Forrest Gump and Jeff Lebowski. An unlikely hero who inspires and saves the day at the same MF time. Also partially inspired by a frog costume my mom made me for halloween as a kid. He is also 25% Aesop if dude was a frog. 
RSE: How do you feel the character embodies the record?
Jeremy Fish: I listened to the song five or six times, and I could already see him. There were not multiple sketches or other versions of him. I could just see him inside my head and I knew it would pair perfectly with this song. As I mentioned I have been a long time fan of Aes, and this song is one of my all time favorites. I love how much the song, the frog character and Rob's video resonate with so many folks of all ages. Also there has never been a rap song that came with a stuffed animal wearing little shorts.
RSE: What do you feel was the most challenging part in developing Larry? What was the most fun?
Jeremy Fish: It wasn't challenging at all, it was truly a pleasure. I feel like we have this seamless working relationship because I am such a fan. It was deep covid when Aes hit me up, and sent the song. At the time I was working in a 100 year old 6k square foot bakery blasting "Go Larry, Go Larry" at full volume. I just knew it was going to be a big hit. One of my favorite memories from that time and studio space.
RSE: What are you working on these days? Where can people see more of your work?
Jeremy Fish: Currently I am preparing for a show that opens in Tokyo next month, and a residency this summer with the San Francisco Giants, where my studio will be inside the baseball stadium for the month of June. You can find more of my work out in the universe by googling "worlds best creepy cartoon animals".
Find out more info on Jeremy Fish via his website or following him on Instagram @MrJeremyFish
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