Following the success of Aesop Rock x Blockhead's Garbology album, it’s only right to offer the instrumentals for further examination and repurposing efforts. Dive into the Garbology Instrumentals and see what you find.

In the run-up to their collaborative album, Garbology, producer Blockhead resurrected three songs from Aesop Rock’s catalog that had beats from other producers, and he gave them each a unique spin with exclusive new remixes of his own. The Recycling Bin features remixes for “Pigs” (None Shall Pass), “Defender” (Skelethon), and “Kodokushi” (Spirit World Field Guide), each reimagined with Blockhead’s own spaced-out jazzy influence.

Vinyl limited to 2000 hand numbered units! Packaging includes 12" hand numbered & embossed spot gloss jacket with single transparent blue vinyl and dust sleeve.

Both of these releases are available for pre-order now. Click here.