Following KMD’s debut, the early 90’s Hip-Hop group consisted of two partners – Subroc and his brother Zev Love X (better known today as MF DOOM). Recorded in 1993, their sophomore album Black Bastards was initially shelved before its release due to controversy around the album’s cover art, and the group was subsequently dropped from their label, Elektra Records. In the fallout, Zev Love X would disappear before re-emerging years later as the masked supervillain MF DOOM. Although he would eventually secure an official release for Black Bastards in 2000, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists (1999) had already named it the most notable rap album of all time that was never commercially released. The album featured production from both members and included guest appearances from MF Grimm, Kurious, Lord Sear and more. With a sales history of over 75K+ units and over 40M+ streams, Black Bastards is a prominent and venerated project from DOOM’s discography.

In addition to the red gatefold edition and standard black vinyl variants from MetalFace Records and Rhymesayers, the DOOM estate is offering exclusive KMD apparel to commemorate the anniversary. A limited release of beanies, hats, tee-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hooded sweatshirts are available for pre-order.