Atmosphere have announced their new Talk Talk EP, and shared singles “Talk Talk (feat. Bat Flower),” and “Rotary Telephone.” The title track comes complete with a music video, which collates hundreds of clips of live performances, fan interactions and behind-the-scenes footage from Atmosphere’s tireless schedule of touring North America and Europe this year. Shot and edited by ZooDeVille, the video sees rapper Slug and producer Ant come together night after night to fill darkened rooms with love, light and a little bit of laughter.

The genesis of the Talk Talk EP was during a recording session for the title track, “Talk Talk”, which originally appeared on their latest album, So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously. A collaboration with Lifter Puller alum Bat Flower, the song exists alongside electro classics in an uncanny valley that’s been warped into a sweaty nightclub. Enamored with its outcome, Slug and Ant returned for a longer exploration of that sound, to mesmeric results. On Talk Talk EP, the Minneapolis legends dart across threads of space-time to grab hold of the one where they became titans of the electro-rap genre that was foundational to their youths. By evoking acts like Kraftwerk and Egyptian Lover, Atmosphere makes visions of the future from four decades ago seem new once again.


The Talk Talk EP is available for pre-order here. Additionally, a limited vinyl variant, cassettes and exclusive merch items can all be pre-ordered via atmospheresucks.com. The limited vinyl variant features alternative cover art and is also a zoetrope - as the record spins, sequenced images will appear and listeners will be able to see a moving picture in the vinyl.