Aesop Rock has shared “Infinity Fill Goose Down” and an accompanying lyric video from his forthcoming albumIntegrated Tech Solutions. The song’s production, by Aesop himself, is a kaleidoscopic collage of aural microdetails replete with a seamless beat switch that epitomizes Aes’s immeasurably hooky refrain that he is “always into something.” Widely regarded as one of the most verbose MCs to ever wield a pen, the song’s lyric video is essentially a masterclass in wordcraft, all presented in Aes’ own writing.

The album’s fictional corporate namesake (not a cult) offered the following statement on the song:

“Breaking away from unhealthy routines can be extremely difficult. Allow our ITS™ risk/reward analysts access to your mind prison and let us help to guide you towards a low-risk high-reward jailbreak via algorithms. Once outside, ITS Redphone™ will be available to you every step of the way until your tech is integrated to your satisfaction. Every time.”