Not only is LOVE in the air today, it's also on the way to us and, more importantly, it can soon be on the way to YOU!

First off, the socks that so many feet fell in love with a few months ago are back! And now, you can spread the love with brand new God Loves Ugly Windbreakers and Zip Hoodies too! Add that to the GLU T-Shirt and of course, the infamous album that inspired it all, and you have a whole lotta love.

As a matter of fact, we've put the God Loves Ugly CD on sale for $5.99 for the rest of the month of February!

Order your GLU goods today! Shipping begins next Friday 2-20-15.

Happy Valentines Day, hugs and stuff :)

Start shopping at Fifth Element here â?? http://bit.ly/GLUmerch