The Hip Hop Olympics was an event organized by Felipe Cuauhtli of The Native Ones and co-promoted by Headshots/Rhymesayers. The concept was to bring all the elements of Hip Hop together under one roof; complete with battles and performances. The first Hip Hop Olympics (12-6-96) took place at The Whole on the UofM campus, and featured performances from The Native Ones, Phull Surkle, Urban Atmosphere, and Beyond. There was also a MC Battle, hosted by I Self Devine and Slug, which featured a young Eyedea, who was clearly a step ahead of his competition, in one of his earliest documented Rap appearances on a local stage.

In this clip you have Musab "Beyond" Saad performing "The Factory", a popular track from his Rhymesayers debut CD, "Comparison", that had just been released (Beyond is also wearing a "Comparison" T Shirt). He is joined on stage by Illusions, as well as both Slug and D Spawn of Urban Atmosphere. On the back wall of the stage you see a poster image of Abstract Pack/Headshots member, Sess, who had recently passed away. It's the same image that was used on the cover of the Headshots Volume 4 Tape, "History", which was dedicated to Sess and his contributions.

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