Rhymesayers has some pretty exciting news to share with you!

As many of you know, the way in which we've listened to music throughout the years has changed quite a bit. We've gone from lugging crates of records around... to throwing a cassette in your Walkman... to putting in that silver, shiny CD that skips every time you drive over a pothole... to these mobile phones that provides us the luxury of taking all of our music with us, everywhere we go.

In following with Rhymesayers' tradition of embracing the old school and merging with the new, we've decided to partner with an innovative audio tech company called PERI. The goal is to give our fans the opportunity to combine that 80's Boombox experience with the convenience of modern smartphones.

We're excited to introduce the world's first ever Bluetooth and WiFi enabled iPhone case + battery charger + HiFi speaker all-in-one. We not only have this exclusive case available for pre-order TODAY, but we're also providing the opportunity for you to win a VIP Rhymesayers Soundset Experience and earn your very own PERI case for FREE!

Pre-order the LIMITED EDITION Rhymesayers x PERI case and learn more about our exclusive packages TODAY!