Grieves - Winter & The Wolves

All versions receive an email with a digital download of the album + Bonus Songs ("The Blind Fold and the Bullet" and "Death of Me") instantly.

CD Packaging: Custom Die Cut 6-Panel Digi Pak, 12-Page Full Color Booklet Containing Album Lyrics.

LP Packaging: Custom Die Cut Full Color Jacket, Printed Board Stock LP Sleeves Containing Album Lyrics , Powder Blue Color Vinyl and Free Digital Download Card.

Known for a unique blend of hip-hop and alt-soul, Grieves has co-produced 14 new tracks with B. Lewis, combining organic pianos and guitars with synthesizers; a dramatic backdrop for his vocals. Reflecting on growth and maturity, Winter & The Wolves is about the instinctual fight for survival. Finding yourself alone, facing hindrances to your livelihood, and having the courage to overcome them. Tackling subjects like addiction and heartbreak, Grieves signature combination of humor & gloom depict the inner turmoil between abandoning the dreams of his youth, and carving a new path for himself.

Track Listing;

  1. Rain Damage
  2. Whoa is Me
  3. Over You feat. B. Lewis
  4. Serpents
  5. Breath of Air
  6. Astronauts feat. Slug
  7. Autumn
  8. How's it Gonna Go feat. B. Lewis
  9. Recluse
  10. Like Child
  11. Long One
  12. Kidding Me
  13. Shreds
  14. Smoke in the Night