Aesop Rock "SWFG" Tie-Dye Shirt [Pre-Order]

Releases November 11th.

Pre-orders are expected to arrive at our warehouse November 8th and will ship out ASAP after we receive them.

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Bundle with the Spirit World Field Guide (Instrumentals) and other official merch.

After much inter-dimensional travel inspired by the original Spirit World Field Guide album, we’ll admit we got a little turned around along the way, confusing one global entry point for another (perhaps repeatedly), until we couldn’t tell which way was up anymore. These disruptions to the space-time continuum caused timelines to fray before our eyes and as the fear we may never find the portal home grew, we might have panicked a little.

While this was only the beginning of a gripping tale, we’ll spare you the lengthy details and simply say one thing led to another and in the end we were left with these factory mishaps... or happy accidents, if you will! (Unless you were Terry... Whatever parallel universe he landed on, he probably isn’t very happy about it. Shout out to Terry – you’re a legend!)

  • Custom reverse tie-dyed black t-shirt featuring direct-to-garment printed SWFG design by Justin Coro Kaufman.
  • Each shirt is completely unique due to the dyeing process.
  • Custom printed neck tag
  • 100% combed ringspun cotton