Atmosphere "Headshots: Se7en"

Includes instant download of MP3 Version

For the first time on CD & Vinyl, Volume 7 of the infamous Headshots cassette series. Digitally remastered and repackaged. SE7EN is 22 rare tracks from Atmosphere recorded between 1997 and 1999. Featuring Eyedea, Musab & Mr. Gene Poole.

Track Listing:

  1. Sep Seven Game Show Theme
  2. Round and Round
  3. Tracksmart" feat. Mr. Gene Poole
  4. Choking on a Wishbone
  5. The Jackpot/Swept Away
  6. @ It Again
  7. The Stick Up feat. Eyedea
  8. Lyle Lovette
  9. Higher Living
  10. To the Break of Sean
  11. Deer Wolf
  12. Molly Cool
  13. Dungeons and Dragons feat. Musab
  14. Anterlude
  15. Advanced Communications
  16. A Tall Seven and Seven
  17. 3.2 Red Dog
  18. The Abusing of the Rib
  19. Write Now (Multiples No.4)
  20. I Wish Those Cats @ Fobia Would Give Me Some Free Shoes
  21. Heart