Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (10 Yr Anniversary Edition) 4xLP

With a career built on eight albums, dozens of side projects and over 18 years of touring, Atmosphere's classic album, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having, is back after being out of print for several years. This limited 10 year anniversary edition, four piece vinyl comes newly packaged in a custom quad-fold LP jacket including two transparent green color vinyl containing the original album and two transparent red color vinyl containing the never before released instrumentals. Also included is an 8-page lyric booklet and a free digital download card.

Also Available: The Fun EP (Happy Clown Bad Dub Eight) 12" Picture Disc


Side A

1. The Arrival feat. Brother Ali

2. Panic Attack

3. Watch Out

Side B

4. Musical Chairs

5. Say Hey There

6. Hockey Hair

7. Bam

Side C

8. Pour Me Another

9. Smart Went Crazy

10. Angelface

Side D

11. That Night

12. Get Fly

13. Little Man

Side E

14. The Arrival (Instrumental)

15. Panic Attack (Instrumental)

16. Watch Out (Instrumental)

Side F

17. Musical Chairs (Instrumental)

18. Say Hey There (Instrumental)

19. Hockey Hair (Instrumental)

20. Bam (Instrumental)

Side G

21. Pour Me Another (Instrumental)

22. Smart Went Crazy (Instrumental)

23. Angelface (Instrumental)

Side H

24. That Night (Instrumental)

25. Get Fly (Instrumental)

26. Little Man (Instrumental)