Atmosphere - You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

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Inspired by Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Jacob, Irony, P.E., BDP, Tom Waits, Brother Ali, Christina, Mr. Dibbs, Insomnia, Mark Lanegan, Jason Cook, Crescent Moon, Shawn Phillips, Murs, Blueprint, I Self Devine, Spoon, The Mars Volta, Alopecia, The Beauty Pill, Nate "The Guitar Man" Collis, Hartman, The James Sisters, P.O.S., Australia, Jessica, The Women's Bathroom At The Empty Bottle In Chicago, Rita, The Minneapolis Chapter Of The Bleeding Hearts Club, I-94 East, Coffee, Jessie, The Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel (Room 215), Infected Wisdom Teeth, Craig Finn, Luckyiam, TV On The Radio, Half Of A Hernia, Trying To Make This One Better Than The Last One We Made, God, and You. You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having marks Slug & Ant's eighth year of making music together and their fifth studio release. Now the fun begins and you can only imagine...

Track Listing:

  1. The Arrival
  2. Panic Attack
  3. Watch Out
  4. Musical Chairs
  5. Say Hey There
  6. Hockey Hair
  7. Bam
  8. Pour Me Another
  9. Smart Went Crazy
  10. Angelface
  11. That Night
  12. Get Fly
  13. Little Man