Beyond "Comparison"

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Comparison, the 18 track underground classic marks the '96 debut release from Beyond (Musab), the RSE hardcore heavyweight. With nothing more than hardcore beats and rhymes Beyond will split your dome piece wide open. Production by Ant.

Track Listing:

  1. The Otherwise
  2. B.L.A.K. Culture featuring Slug (of Atmosphere)
  3. Foreign Accent
  4. Invisible Villains Part 1
  5. Vinyl, Cassettes, CD's
  6. Fakin'
  7. Flesh Against Concrete featuring Knowledge
  8. Frozen Moments
  9. Growth
  10. Invisible Villains Part 2 (Instrolude)
  11. B.O.O.K
  12. Sunny Days
  13. Dyno Spectrum
  14. Oxygen
  15. Invisible Villains Part 3
  16. Preparation
  17. Unaligned Sperms featuring Slug (of Atmosphere)
  18. The Factory