Brother Ali - Rites of Passage

Debut release from the righteous wordsmith Brother Ali. Rites of passage is a personal journey through one emcees experience of life and hip hop alike. Features Mad Son of the Unknown Prophets, Queen Aminah and Desdamona. Production by Brother Ali.

Out of Print


  1. Intro
  2. Whatever
  3. Think It Through
  4. Nine Double En
  5. Eye Of The Storm
  6. We Will Always Be by Desdamona
  7. So Dearly
  8. Music In My Head
  9. Voices In My Head
  10. They're Finished
  11. Tofuti by Queen Aminah
  12. Ali Boombaye
  13. You Never Know feat. Madson
  14. Three Day Journey
  15. The Session