Brother Ali - Room With A View

A line off of his 2000 cassette only release Rites of Passage best describes Ali's feelings on music and it's importance, it goes "every time you listen to a track, that's 4 minutes of your life you can never get back". As simple as that may be it's that feeling that makes Ali's music so powerful, creative and passionate while always maintaining a purpose and the Hip Hop ethics of '88 which schooled him. Room With A View the first single from the full length album Shadows On The Sun is no exception to this. Ali Boombaye!


  1. Room With A View (Street)
  2. Room With A View (Radio)
  3. Star Quality (Radio)
  4. Bitchslap! (Street)
  5. Room With A View (Instrumental)
  6. Star Quality (Instrumental)
  7. Bitchslap! (Bonus Beats)