Deejaybird - Aerosolics

DeeJay Bird "Aerosolics (Musical Burner)"

Here's a little known fact, even by people who've heard this CD, before "Aerosolics" was a Mixtape it was a song written by J-Bird circa 1990. I'm not exactly sure why he never recorded it, but it was written and well rehearsed. The only proof I have of this is a recording of J-Bird performing it live on WEFT in Champaign, IL sometime in the early 90sÎ_maybe I'll leak that out to the world someday.

J-Bird is a classic reflection of Hip Hop in the 80s, a true renaissance man. He was a Graf Writer, DJ, Indie Record Promoter, Party Promoter, Concert Organizer, Artist Manager, MC, Co-Production dabbler, and probably some other things I'm neglecting. To follow-up his underground classic and pioneering Mixtape, "Beneath The Surface", he plotted his next project. "Aerosolics" was his dedication to the days of fresh dripping-paint, ink stained fingers, and looking behind your back in the shadows. Revisiting the creative approach of "Beneath The Surface", DeeJay Bird constructs a mix that pays tribute to Graffiti Writers worldwide like no other DJ had done before him*. He pulls dialog from classic Hip Hop cinematic experiences such as Style Wars, Wildstyle, Beat Street, etcÎ_ There are also a few lesser known sources; including some Chicago News Graf Commentary.

Mixed in with the Graf anthems are shout-outs from writers, as well as, clever musical references interjected amiss transitions in a sneakily fashion that a Graf Artists can appreciate. Per usual, Bird is meticulous with the details, such as how the sides of the tape (or labeling of the 2-Discs in the CD) stay true to the concept; Side One = A-Train The Lay Up and Side Two = B Train The Yard. If you have the CD version, the 2 discs side by side complete an "Aerosolics" Graf Piece. The credits tell you exactly where it was recorded, when, and by whom. As an added bonus, the stylish cover art was done by Solo of ASC.

Originally released in 1998 exclusively on a 90-Minute Tape, "Aerosolics" was reissued on double CD by Rhymesayers about five years later. A recent look in the stock revealed there are only 9 of these left in existence! It's your last chance to own a piece of mixtape/mix CD history. However, whether you own the tape, CD or are checking it for the first time in this digital form, the fact remains that this is quite simply another DeeJay Bird classic Mixtape.

*As far as we know, no one had done a Graf dedication Mixtape before this.

This is a double disc mix CD, that is entirely based around bombing. With rare cuts and samples. This is a must have for any graff hip hop head. The sample/cut list is a lose track list but in some case's there are more than one sample on a track.