deM atlaS - mF deM

mF deM features 13 previously released DOOM beats with all new raps by deM atlaS.

This project features exclusive lyrics from deM atlaS over 13 previously released MF DOOM beats. Physical copies available in LIMITED quantities, free digital downloads available too.
Cover Art: Galen Todd | Instagram (@toddthepainter)

Track Listing:

  1. Grbge Trsh
  2. Sum-Mo
  3. World Laughs
  4. Abnormal Mortal
  5. Flawless
  6. Lack the Lad
  7. By Myslf
  8. Its over, Im Dead
  9. Nervosa
  10. R U Happy
  11. Perfect Day
  12. So Wat
  13. Resolve Dissolve