The Dynospectrum "The Dynospectrum"

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What happens when you lock Slug of Atmosphere, I Self Devine of the Micranots, Musab aka Beyond and Swift the 90 of Phull Surkle in the basement for a few weeks with some beats from Ant and press record? Well, 17 tracks later they emerge as Sept Sev Sev Two, Pat Juba, General Woundwart and Mr. Gene poole aka The Dynospectrum. Dark, moody and emotional The Dynospectrum is an unforgettable collaboration not to be missed. Production by Ant.


  1. You Can Lose Your Mind
  2. Introspectrum
  3. Headphone Static
  4. Permanent on Surfaces
  5. Breath of Fresh
  6. Winter Mood
  7. Brief Interlude
  8. Appearing Live
  9. Southside Myth
  10. Traction
  11. Decompression Chamber
  12. Evidence of Things Not Seen
  13. Superior Friends
  14. I Wouldn't Want You to Die Uninformed
  15. Tenfold
  16. Anything Is Everything
  17. Armor