Grayskul - Scarecrow

Back with more fire than ever Onry & JFK kick things off with the groundbreaking joint "Scarecrow". While "Scarecrow" should solidify Grayskul's genre bending creative position amongst their peers, the Aesop Rock produced "Give Me Love" finds Grayskul delving into the struggle of balancing their responsibility to others with their own lives and passions. These two album tracks are backed by the exclusive remix of "Scarecrow" produced and featuring P.O.S.

  1. Scarecrow (Radio)
  2. Scarecrow (Instrumental)
  3. Give Me Love (Radio)
  4. Give Me Love (Instrumental)
  5. Scarecrow (POS Remix) [Radio]
  6. Scarecrow (POS Remix)
  7. Scarecrow (POS Remix) [Instrumental]