HeadShots - Vol.5 Effort

ef'ert n.

1. The use of physical or mental energy to do something.

2. Another classic underground tape dedicated to all those kids who don't put in the work doing shit before they start running around talking shit about all the shit they really ain't doin'. Effort features over 20 unreleased RSE 4track joints, freestyles and more from Atmosphere, Beyond(musab), The Dynospectrum, Phull Surkle and Extreme. Special appearances by I Self Devine of the Micranots. Production by ant.

Track List:

The Dynospectrum: Feet Deep
Extreme: Envy Phull
Surkle: Shots Fired...
Atmosphere: 7th St. Entry
No Artist: RSE Live @ The Entry
Beyond: Your Demise
Self-1: Freestyle
Extreme: 20 Bars Of Aggression
Slug: Freestyle @ KFAI
Atmosphere: Ode To The Modern Man (Lightning Blend)
Phull Surkle: Bar Stars
No Artist: RSE Outro
Beyond: Invisible Villains (Remix)
Extreme: Online
Beyond And Slug: Untitled
Beyond: Freestyle
No Artist: E.U.H.H.B.S. Test
Beyond: Freestyle Continued
Mr. Gene Poole, Beyond And Extreme: Look Into Our Wilderness
No Artist: Slug's Infomercial
Beyond: Distress Signal

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