Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) - Ask Anyone (7 Inch) *Not Numbered*

Vinyl Specs: 45rpm 7” black vinyl featuring “Ask Anyone” main side A and 2-color red & metallic silver screen printed DOOM mask side B with 2-panel printed insert, packaged in plastic PVC sleeve.

Product images are mock-ups, the final product may vary.

Proceeds from all sales will go to DOOM’s family.

When Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman join forces as Lice you can expect plenty of creative writing, interesting concepts, and their combined oddball sense of humor. It’s the sort of team-up that may not have been obvious until after you hear it for the first time, and then it makes perfect sense. One might say the collaboration is analogous in nature.

One similarity that comes as no surprise is the monumental love and appreciation they both share for MF DOOM. Following the news of DOOM’s passing at the tail end of 2020, Aesop and Sandman decided to express themselves by writing verses detailing their memories and experiences with DOOM, both as fans and peers.

Expressing their gratitude atop a recognizable and charmingly awkward DOOM beat, Lice illustrates the essence of the villain himself, capturing what is so inherently alluring about MF DOOM for fans and peers alike. Essentially, they are one in the same, ask anyone.

These are the remaining runoff copies from the initial pressing, which were originally foil-stamped and numbered. These limited remaining copies do not display the original numbering detail.


Side A: Ask Anyone (main version)
Side B: (No audio) Features a screen printed DOOM mask, red & metallic silver.