Mac Lethal "Make Out Bandit"

Lock your girlfriends up fellas, Kansas City's self-proclaimed Make-Out Bandit Mac Lethal has been let loose. "Make-Out Bandit", the lead single from Mac Lethal's Rhymesayers debut 11:11 is a silky smooth anti-love song preaching the gospel of being able to kiss anyone you want. Including Bjork.

Backing up "Make-Out Bandit" is the infamous Pub anthem "Pound That Beer". Best described as an ode to beer over a marching band, this one is sure to drive the frat house crazy. Also featured on the "Make-Out Bandit" single is the exclusive bonus track "Mallory Knox".

  1. Make-Out Bandit (Clean)
  2. Make-Out Bandit (Instrumental)
  3. Pound That Beer (Clean)
  4. Pound That Beer (Instrumental)
  5. Pound That Beer (Dirty)
  6. Mallory Knox (Clean)
  7. Mallory Knox (Dirty)
  8. Mallory Knox (Instrumental)

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