MInk (Musab & Ink Well) - Intellectual Property (Digital)

Musab + Ink Well = MInk

Original Rhymesayers member, Musab, and seasoned producer Ink Well have joined forces to prove that one plus one can equal more than two. Together, under the conjunction MInk, they created “Intellectual Property", a fifteen-song album that demonstrates how creative energy can become explosive when focused through a social lens.

True to its name, “Intellectual Property" is an album that prompts deep thought with a sense of permanence. Long-time Rhymesayers fans will find familiarity with Musab's nonchalantly confident songwriting and mature sense of content.

The MInk sound can be described as both aggressive and smooth, owing much to Ink Well's melodic multi-instrument approach to producing songs. The entire album was produced and recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada where the two artists began collaborating almost a decade ago. “Intellectual Property" is a bluesy, jazz inspired record; distinct and powerful. It speaks to, and finds relevance in, the waking face of American consciousness.


  1. What's A MInk (MInktro)
  2. Talk
  3. Black Panther Leather (feat. Jobe)
  4. Resources
  5. Tight Rope (feat. Slug)
  6. SIFU
  7. MInk Everything
  8. 14103430
  9. Momsabop (feat. Abstract Rude & Jobe)
  10. Riot (feat. Baby Shel)
  11. Wash The Blood
  12. MInk shMInk (MInkterlude)
  13. Transrich
  14. BPM
  15. Can't Lose With The Blues 2 (feat. Mike The Martyr)
  16. Mississippi Mud '17