Mr. Dibbs - Sucker Punch Breaks v.1

Mr. Dibbs returns with a brand new break series to beat the sh*t out of you and your turntables. "Sucker Punch Breaks (Beats That Break Faces)" is Mr. Dibbs first break record series since the highly acclaimed and successful "Unearthed" series. Picking up where "Unearthed" left off, "Sucker Punch Breaks Vol. 1" will simply knock you the f#*k out!

  1. Penetrator
  2. Whoop-Ass
  3. 3 Piece
  4. Chin-Shot
  5. Crush / Kill
  6. Knuckle Samich
  7. Choke Hold
  8. Stab Your Spouse
  9. Beat Down
  10. Full Case
  11. Death Rattle